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American Bulldog mix

Meet ROHAN! Rohan is a 5 year old, female, 70#,  American Bulldog mix. Rohan came to us as an owner surrender and has been with us since August 2022. Rohan is a big lover and enjoys together time whether that be cuddling on the couch or going for a hike. She has puppy energy so if you need a hiking buddy she's your girl. She rides excellent in the car and loves going on adventures. Rohan is totally house trained, crate trained, and knows all her basic obedience. Oh, we almost forgot, Rohan is hearing impaired but that doesn't slow her down at all, she's hand signal trained! Rohan would do best in a home with adults and dog savvy children, a fenced in yard, and no other pets.  If you'd like to open your homes and hearts to Rohan please apply below to adopt!



Pitbull Terrier

Meet Maizy! Maizy is a 2 year old, female, Pitbull Terrier. She came to us after being found as a stray by the Mahoning County Dog Warden. Here is what she's been up to since joining ECBR....

What a WILD RIDE!! I gotta tell you, this foster life I am currently living is da bomb!! I get to play with other dogs, snug with some humans and get this....I get food and water EVERYSINGLEDAY!!! What a concept! To top it all off, my foster mom is a professional dog trainer! So, not only am I getting all my needs met but I am extremely fortunate that I am learning exactly how to be a respectable member of the human/canine community! Let's discuss what allll you humans appear to be highly interested potty habits (personal subject but I'll play along!). I am doing good and will do "my thing" as soon as I am taken out of my condo (crate). Please keep in mind that a new home will mean new schedules so consistency and patience will be key for both of us. BONUS, I LOVE my condo!! It's my safe space and if I've had enough of your human shenanigans, it allows me an escape. Since my past was less than happy, I have decided that I want ALL the attention in my new home!! That means a home with no other pets and no small children. However, if you have older respectful kids that would be great!
I am not much of a barker but will for sure give you a "woo-woo" if I discover that you are slow to prepare my food :). Let's discuss my leash manners (not my fav topic). Suffice it to say that they are a work in progress :) When we are out for a walk, and I see my house I will pull in an attempt to get back asap because after all....that's my safe place. But foster mom is certain that we can work thru it, and I can be taught how to walk "politely" on a leash. Lots of you folks want to know if I would run out of an open door. Why the heck would I when INSIDE is where all the good stuff is?? Foster mom says she is happy to teach you all the tricks of training if you have questions which is a great thing for you as well as me because I really want to keep learning how to be a good girl. As you may be able to see by my earlier pictures, I was owned by a not so loving person. I was not very socialized and as a result loud noises, sudden movements, new sights/sounds etc scare me. But foster mom says that I am rebounding quickly and am gaining confidence as I become more comfortable. Imagine how devastated I was the first time I came face to face with my reflection!! All my ribs showing, my poor ears cut off in some kind of home ear cropping attempt with scissors, flea ridden, lackluster fur and scars all over my face. The only good thing about all that is that it is in the past and now I search out mirrors in every room!! How do I see my future? Well, I hope to continue on the same path I am currently walking....staying healthy, learning new things, seeing more of the world and becoming an essential and loving part of my new family!!! fill out that application so we can meet up because I have 2 years of fun to catch up on and sure would like someone to share it with! love, maizy



Pittbull Terrier

Meet Cavo! Cavo is a young male Pitbull Terrier. We guess him to be around 9 months old. He was found as a stray and when his owners never came forward his finder reached out to us for help. Cavo is a very playful sweet boy, he is very timid of quick movements and loud noises but we fell he will get over this with time. Cavo needs a patient understanding adopter who's going to work with him to gain confidence and become the best dog he can be. He is dog friendly and is a silly playful guys once he's comfortable with you. Cavo is waiting to be vetted and will be adoptable very soon!




Welcome Sammich! Sammich aka Sammy is a 1ish year old, male, Boxer. Sammy came into rescue after being caught as a stray by good Samaritans. Once caught they spread the word and tried to find his people but no one came forward. They quickly realized Sammy had been mistreated due to his fearful and reactive behavior. After reaching out to a local shelter they were told with Sammy's issues he would likely be euthanized if surrendered to them. Thankfully, they got in touch with us and we were able to bring him into rescue and give him a second chance at life. 
Sammy is still under going an extended decompression and isn't yet available for adoption.

Coming Soon


Old English Bulldog

Meet STELLA! Stella is a 1.5 year old, female, Old English Bulldog. Stella came to East Coast Bulldog Rescue after turning up as a stray in New Jersey.

Stella is a typical Old English Bulldog. She is rambunctious, mischievous, fun-loving, loyal, smart, driven, and strong.  With a strong consistent leader, Stella is on her best behavior.  An experienced owner is recommended for Stella as she will get mouthy when she doesn’t want to do something, but this can be kept at a minimum with consistency.  She is an overall sweet, lovable girl that enjoys belly rubs and exploring the yard!  Stella is desperate for structure, boundaries, and a solid iron-clad routine.  Stella is in a home with several furry foster siblings.  She is interested in other dogs and has learned how to passively coexist around them while she is kenneled. 

Stella is learning to be polite, how to take direction, and making improvements every day!  She is experiencing a big transition and will need firm leadership, patience, and consistent training to help her learn proper dog behavior, learn proper dog manners, and know what is expected in her adoptive home.  Although Stella needs structure and does push the limits, she does look to his leader for direction.  Positive reinforcement and a lot of praise when positive behavior is present have really worked wonders for her (especially when snacks are involved)!  

Stella has met several adult humans and has done well with them.  She is strong and can easily knock smaller humans down so her foster family believes she would be best in a home with dog-savvy, mature high school-aged children or older; ideally, she would be best around adults only.  

We believe Stella would be best in a home as an only dog.  She could eventually coexist with a docile, submissive, easy-going large dog as long as structured introductions are offered over months (not days).  We recommend slow introductions between dogs AND supervision around children when introducing a new dog in your home to make sure both he and they are kept safe.  

Stella is 100% potty trained without any accidents in her foster home.  A consistent outside routine is needed to ensure Stella remains successful in her adoptive home. She is 100% crate trained as well! Stella likes her crate and will go in on command although sometimes she needs a little treat as a bribe to go in. 

Stella would do well in a home with a fully fenced yard, a family that can spend a lot of structured time with her, and is willing to keep her adequately fulfilled daily. 

If you'd like to give Stella the perfect home please apply below. 

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Current Dogs

Please note that we review all applications for a dog and contact those that are best suited for the dog. It may take up to two weeks *after applications close* for us to reach out to potential adopters. Due to a large amount of applications, we cannot always respond to every applicant. We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience. 

*Yes, we do accept out-of-state applications*

For more information, please see our adoption process page. 

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