Current Dogs

Please note that we review all applications for a dog and contact those that are best suited for the dog. It may take up to two weeks *after applications close* for us to reach out to potential adopters. Due to a large amount of applications, we cannot respond to every applicant. We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience. 

*yes, we do accept out-of-state applications*

For more information, please see our adoption process page. 


Johnny Cash

Pitbull Terrier mix

Meet JOHNNY CASH! Johnny Cash is a 3 year old, male, Pitbull Terrier mix, he showed up as a stray and spent 7 months in a Michigan shelter. The high stress environment was wearing on him and he ended up nipping a couple people, because of this he was marked unadoptable and was set to be euthanized unless a rescue stepped up to save him. The volunteers at the shelter knew what a good boy Johnny could be and believed he deserved a second chance. They been spreading the word to try and save his life. With no time to spare, only days away from his euthanasia date, one of our volunteers saw their plead for help and committed to foster Johnny. Instead of dying he got his freedom ride to East Coast Bulldog Rescue. This boy has had a dramatic start to life and still has some work to do to be the best dog he can be, but we are confident he's going to make someone an amazing companion. Johnny is not currently available for adoption. Watch for updates!

Not Currently Available


Pitbull Terrier mix

Meet PABLO! Pablo is a deaf, 1 year old male Pitbull Terrier mix who is looking for a special home. Pablo has completed a board and train training program with Karmic K9 and needs a home that understands his special needs, an owner with experience handling hearing impaired dogs is recommended. Pablo is dog friendly, fully vetted, and ready to thrive in a loving forever home. Please apply below if you're interested in adopting Pablo



French Bulldog

Meet JERSEY! Jersey is a 2 year old, male, French Bulldog. He was surrendered to rescue due to progression of his disc issues and his owners no longer being able to care for him. Jersey is doing great in foster care, he loves going places with his foster mom and playing with his canine and feline foster siblings. He is currently learning to use a cart as his back legs don't work quite like they should. While Jersey is dog and cat friendly he would do best in a quiet home with a calm older pet or no other pets. He needs someone who understands his current and future needs. Jersey has had an MRI and X-Rays revealing multiple vertebral anomalies causing nerve damage, this is inoperable and will cause life long challenges for him. For more information please mail, to apply to adopt please follow the link below.


Lilo & Stitch

Boston Terrier

Meet LILO & STITCH! Lilo is a 6 year old female & Stitch is a 8 year old male, bonded pair of Boston Terriers. They will only be adopted together. This pair came into rescue when their owner wasn't able to properly care for them with his busy schedule. They will need to be the only dogs, but are okay with cats, bigger kids only, Stitch likes to give toothy kisses. These two are both fixed and vaccinated. Please follow the link below to apply to adopt.



Pitbull Terrier mix

Meet DESTINY! Destiny is a petite 4 month old, female, Pitbull Terrier mix. She will likely be around 50 lbs. full grown. She's your typical puppy! She is super playful and learning how to dog in a home respectfully. She needs a canine sibling and someone with puppy experience, please apply below to giving Destiny a loving forever home.



Rhoadesian Ridegback mix

Meet TATER! Tater is a male Rhoadesian Ridgeback mix, we estimate him to be around 1 year old. He came into rescue after being found as a stray and ending up in an animal control kennel. So far we know Tater is house broken and kid friendly. He would benefit from someone with hunting dog experience. He is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. Please follow the link below to apply.



Pitbull Terrier

Meet BAILEY! Bailey is a 3 year old Pitbull Terrier. She came to us when she was surrendered to Mahoning County Dog Warden because she nipped her owner, because of this she was going to be euthanized is a rescue didn't pull her. While in foster care Bailey was shown no aggression just very excited play.  She is dog & (bigger) kid friendly, crate trained, and house broken. She is a super sweet girl with puppy energy. She loves to play and is working on her obedience commands. She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, has tested negative for heartworms & Lyme disease. Please follow the link below to apply to adopt.



Pitbull Terrier Mix

Meet NOBLE! Noble is a 2-3 year old male Pitbull Terrier. Rumor has it he was dumped with a female dog, she hopped in a car with a passer by but Noble stayed, terrified, & refusing to move from a log he was standing on. Our friends at Tj’s Rescue Hideaway we were able to safely get him off the log and in out of the cold. After an extended decompression Noble is doing amazing and ready to start looking for his forever home! We are looking for a local (to Pittsburgh, PA) family to foster to adopt this sweet boy. He is dog selective, great with kids of all age, no small dogs or cats this boy has a very high prey drive. House broken and crate trained. He will be neutered soon and up to date all vaccines. Please apply below. 



Pibble mix

Meet GENO! Geno is a 1 year old Pitbull Terrier mix. He came into rescue when he was saved by a good Samaritan who witnessed him being mistreated. This boy is super sweet, dog friendly, cat friendly, and good with older dog savvy kids. He is crate trained and does well with his house manners. Geno is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, and has tested negative for heart worm & Lyme disease. To apply to add Geno to your family please follow the link below.



French Bulldog

Meet BUTTERS! Butters is a 1 year old, male, French Bulldog. He came into rescue because his hyper Frenchie personality was just too much for his people. This boy is very much still a baby. Butters is vaccinated, microchipped, & neutered, he is dog, cat, & kid friendly. He is young and will need a home with structure and young bully experience. To apply to give Butters a loving forever home follow the link below.



English Bulldog

Welcome BACON! Bacon is a 3 year old, male, English Bulldog. He was surrendered because his owner didn’t have the time to care for him. Bacon currently has some allergies and infections that need to clear up and is not currently available for adoption. Please watch for updates

Not Currently Adoptable


Frenchton (French Bulldog / Boston Terrier mix)

Meet BEAU! Beau is a 1.5 year old, male, French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix. This boy is about 30#, neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and has tested negative for heartworm & Lyme disease. Beau is HIGH energy, he loves to play fetch and chew on toys. Beau is dog friendly but does not have an off switch, which can be annoying to other dogs, he is cat friendly but again... no off switch. Beau would do best in a home with older kids and a fenced in yard. Please follow the link below to apply to add Beau to your family.

Adoption Pending!


English Bulldog

Meet NEEKO! NEEKO is a 10 year old male English Bulldog, he joined ECBR when his owner could no longer care for him. Neeko is kid and cat friendly, he would do best in a home with no other dogs, he’s not dog reactive but he prefers to be the dominant one getting all the attention. His favorite things to do include: hanging out outside and soaking up the sunshine and fresh air & eating. This senior boy has so much love to give! To make his final year his best years please apply below!

Adoption pending


American Bulldog / Boxer mix

Meet SASHA! Sasha is an American Bulldog mix, she was found as a stray at the beginning of February, stitches in her ears from being recently cropped, and drastically under weight. We believe she is around 2-3 years old, she currently weighs 75#, and is fully vetted, HW & Lyme negative. She would do best with a fenced in yard, she has a very dominant play style and would need to be the only dog or with a very submissive dog, she does not like cats, and because of her rough play style no small kids. If your home would be a good fit and you'd like to give her a loving home please apply below.

Adoption Pending!

Emma Rose

English Bulldog

Meet EMMA! Emma is a 6-7 year old, female, English Bulldog. She was being given away on Craigslist! Thankfully one of our previous adopters spotted the post and immediately contacted the owner and did all the leg work to get this sweet girl into rescue. To say she was neglected would be an understatement.… her nails had grown so long her toe bones have been effected, she has a skin infection, her face wrinkles are infected, we suspect hip dysplasia from poor genes and/or breeding, possible uti & ear infection…. and there is a chance she is pregnant Emma will be seeing our vet asap to be fully vetted. Please consider making a donation towards her care..

Adoption pending


French Bulldog

Meet SPUD! Spud is a 2 year old, male, French Bulldog. Spud is getting his second chance at life with us. He came into rescue after being reactive with his 4 legged and 2 legged humans & was going to be euthanized. Spud is neuter, microchipped, & vaccinated. He needs to be the only dog in a home with no young children. He is playful and affectionate, crate trained and house broken. If you're interested in giving Spud a loving forever home please apply below.



Terrier mix

Meet ANDRIY! Andriy aka Bones, is a 5 year old(ish), male, terrier mix, he came into rescue after being found by a Good Samaritan, emaciated and clinging to life. He was quickly turned over to Mahoning County Dog Warden and rushed to an emergency hospital. After a brief hospital stay he was in stable condition and transferred into rescue. Since coming to us Andriy has gained back his weight and muscle mass. He is very timid and afraid of men and for this reason he would do best in a quieter home with females. Andriy loves other dogs and kids, he would do best with a dog sibling. He has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for heartworms & Lyme disease. To give Andriy a loving forever home please apply below.

Adoption pending!


American Bully / French Bulldog mix

Meet BEEFSTEW, he is an almost 1 year old, male, mixed breed puppy. He is dog and cat friendly, crate trained and working on his house manners. Due to poor backyard breeding this boy is very bow legged and will have early arthritis and joint issues. He may have other health issues as he ages. He has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, tested negative for heart worms & Lyme disease & x-rays have been done to check his joints. Beefstew is extremely dog friendly, he would love a fenced in backyard and bully sibling to play with. He is also kid & cat friendly. If you would like to going Beefstew a loving home please apply below

Adoption pending


American Bully

Matthias is a 6 year old 80# American Bully aka a North American Velvet House Hippo. He came into rescue April 2021 as an owner surrender, after his owner was unable to care for him and he had been left in a crate to fend for himself. Matthias is dog friendly and good with cats. He would do best in a home with no children. Matthias is currently doing extensive training and is not yet available. He continues to make progress with his trust in new people. He is house broken, crate and muzzle trained, knowns all his house manners, and has excellent leash skills. He loves car rides, playing with toys, waddling around the backyard and lounging on the couch.

Not Currently Available

Lolli Pop


Meet LOLLI POP! Lolli is a senior old lady who came into rescue after being found as a stray by the Mahoning County Dog Warden. Upon coming into rescue she needed immediate vet care for a large growth on her abdomen, after bloodwork and tested it was determined she has an inoperable, cancerous growth. Lolli Pop will be living her final days out in a loving home with one of our board members. She enjoys soaking up the sun and hanging out with other house members.

In hospice care



Meet UNO! Uno is a male 3 year old Chihuahua. He came into rescue after he was found as a stray by animal control and landed himself at Sable Kennel. Uno has typical small dog syndrome and can be ferocious at times. He is mostly dog friendly but does like to try and boss others around as he sees fit, he is cat friendly, and good with bigger dog savvy kids. Uno has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for heartworms & lyme disease. Uno enjoyed playing, cuddling, and car rides. Please apply below if you're interested in adopting Uno.


Bruce Lee

Pitbull Terrier

Meet BRUCE LEE, he came from Sable Kennel after he was found by animal control as a stray. Bruce Lee is a male, around 1 1/2 years old. This boy is dog friendly, cat friendly, crate trained, and house broken. Bruce Lee is a very smart boy he knows to sit, lay, stay, and give paw. He is going to make the perfect family member. He will be neutered soon and ready for his forever home immediately after. Please apply below if you're interested in adding Bruce Lee to your family.




Meet FRANKIE! Frankie is 2.5 year old 18# female Frenchton (French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix) she was surrendered to us when she wasn’t getting along with other dogs in her home. Frankie needs to be the only dog in the home but would be fine with a kitty cat friend or 2. She will be spayed on 4/27 and ready for her forever home after that. If you're interested in giving Frankie her loving forever home please apply below.


Little Foot

Pitbull Terrier

Little Foot is a 3 month old Pitbull Terrier who was surrendered into rescue. He is the perfect little dude and has been placed in a foster home who plans to adopt him.



American Bully

Dude is a 9 month old American Bully. He was surrendered to a local shelter when his owner couldn't afford his vet care. Dude has a prolapsed urethra and needs to have surgery to fix the issue. Duda has already been placed in a foster to adopt home.



English Bulldog

LOKI is a 1 year old male English Bulldog, he is currently 45 lbs and growing! We are still getting to know Loki and is is not currently adoptable. So far we know he loves playing fetch and eating! He rides well in the car, is crate trained, and is learning his leash & house manners. Loki has endless energy and would benefit from a fenced in yard. He is very much still a puppy and will need work on his house training and obedience. He is neutered, vaccinated, & microchipped. After being in a foster to adopt home Loki has shown some behavioral issues. He will need an experienced owner who is going to work on training with him. He needs regular exercise and consistency.


Neenie Panini

Pittbull Terrier

Neenie Panini is a female Pitbull Terrier who is around 4 years old and 50# Neenie was found as a stray in Oct 2021. While in animal controls care after being found they discovered she has a blood disorder which makes it unsafe for her to receive vaccines or be spayed, but that doesn't slow her down at all. She loves to play and cuddle. Neenie is house broken and crate trained. She should be the only dog, she is okay with dog savvy cats and loves kids.


Coco Bean

Pitbull Terrier Mix

Coco Bean is a 1.5 year old 50# Pitbull Terrier mix. She was surrendered into rescue Sept 2021 after she tried to protect her family from the neighbors small dog, after small dog charged her and her people in her own yard. Coco is very sweet, affectionate, and playful when she trusts you. She would do best in a home with older, dog savvy kids or no kids, she is dog selective but would do fine on her own, no small kids or cats, a fenced in backyard would be a plus. She is up to date on vaccines, monthly preventative, spayed, & microchipped. If you'd like to schedule a meet and greet with Coco Bean please apply below.



English Bulldog

Stanley is an 8 year old 45# senior English Bulldog who was found as a stray in Sept 2021. He was covered in flees, severely emaciated, and needed immediate medical care. Stanley has made a full recovery, and he is ready to go to his forever home. Despite his rough past, he loves people, playing with toys -especially ones that squeak, he enjoys belly rubs and giving kisses. Stanley needs to be the only dog since he tends to be a grumpy snappy old man with others, he is okay with dog savvy cats, and older children, he tends to jump on young kids and knock them down. He has bad arthritis in his front legs and would benefit from single floor living ( he can do steps but its not good for his joints) and a fenced backyard to explore at his leisure. Stanley will need a joint supplement & pain meds for arthritis daily & his face wrinkles and tail pocket cleaned multiple times per week. If you have bulldog experience and want to give Stanley the best rest of his days please apply below!



French Bulldog

Furocho is a 9 month old 15# & growing, male,  French Bulldog. He was surrendered because his owner was fighting some health issues and was unable to care for him. Furocho is the perfect, spunky frenchie puppy, he loves to play and explore! He is dog and cat friendly and loves kids.  He will soon be neutered and evaluated to see if he needs stenotic nares surgery, to widen his airways because this boy is EXTRA snorty! Furocho would be a perfect fit for a family with French Bulldog experience, an adult dog to show him the ropes, respectful kids, a fenced in backyard, and someone ready for all the fun, cute problems frenchies can bring.