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Donation Levels

How your contribution changes lives

Safe Haven


This contribution level covers the initial costs of us taking a dog into our rescue. All of our dogs are fully vetted. This means even a dog who is healthy has medical costs for our rescue. Our dogs are fully vaccinated, provided with prevention for heartworm and fleas, and microchipped. These donations allow us to continue our work of rescuing dogs in need.

Special Needs


This contribution level covers bringing a dog into our rescue when that has special needs beyond the basic medical care provided for new dogs. Often, medical needs are not known to us until we take the dog into our care. These donations allow us to bring dogs into our rescue knowing that some of them might need extra care.

Medical Emergency


This contribution level covers the cost of medical emergencies, both for dogs in our care, and dogs that need our help. Medically needy animals cannot stay in public shelters. The only option for these dogs is rescue intervention. These donations allow us to rescue medically needy dogs from critical situations and provide them with the care they need to live full lives.

Trauma and Abuse


This contribution level covers the cost of individual training for dogs that have experienced trauma as a result of abuse or neglect. ECBR is dedicated to its no-kill mission. These donations allow us to rehabilitate dogs that other shelters are unable to care for.

Last Chance


This contribution level covers "last chance" dogs-which includes dogs who may have an aggressive history and dogs who require extensive medical care and have no other funding. ECBR partners with providers to get us the best possible outcome for all of our dogs. Sometimes, this requires a large investment. ECBR strives to leave no dog behind. These donations allow us to give another chance to dogs who have no other options.

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The suggested donation levels are based on the types of costs typically associated with this rescue. All donations of any amount go to East Coast Bulldog Rescue, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, for the use of its ongoing mission. ECBR cannot guarantee that any specific donation will be used for a specific purpose. ECBR remains dedicated to rescuing all dogs and keeping the dogs in its care safe. All funds donated to ECBR are used for this purpose.

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